“Santiago” – Sept. 26, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 13 / Mealhada to Águeda
  • Distance: 16.6 miles / Total 191.1 miles
  • Time: 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Ascent: 1,035’ Decent: 1,006’
  • Weather: 55-75 degrees / sunny & breezy…cool enough for SmartWool shirt in the evening

My energy is fast fading when a car pulled over. The driver enthusiastically said, “Santiago!” He handed me a bag with a bottle of cold water and 2 chilled apples. Just what I needed. Just what a dozen other pilgrims needed today and also received.

Águeda art instillation.

6 thoughts on ““Santiago” – Sept. 26, 2022”

  1. What an angel Linda to give you the cool water and apples ! A couple photos of Elisa our running friend in action! Love the umbrella art exhibit!


    1. Looking for your photos of Elisa. Do you ever sleep? You respond almost immediately to my posting. I always look forward to your comments. What’s the date of Chicago? ~linda


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