Texture – Sept. 29, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 16 / São João to Grijó
  • Distance: 12.8 miles / Total 233.3 miles
  • Time: 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Ascent: ???’ Decent: ???’
  • Weather: 55- 64 degrees, misty rain to steady rain until noon (added “French” rain poncho over Gortex jacket and paints)

Texture of old things are appealing.

I asked to take their picture. Their generation shows no facial emotion yet their eyes bore into the camera.
So much texture.

12 thoughts on “Texture – Sept. 29, 2022”

  1. Love the portrait photos as well as the interesting buildings; you have a real eye for interesting things and for composition.


      1. My family in China is so busy with life right now, I know it is not them….but maybe someone at their school. Will check it out. How cool! You are touching the world!


    1. Made Boston Marathon 2033. I guess I will need more preservation after the walk. The trick is to stop when tired. I now have all reservations so no need to rush. Saw a wedding at a huge Monastery . The get away car was a white Tesla. ~linda


  2. Linda, caught up on correspondence today and have so enjoyed your photo essay. The weather gods seemed to have blessed you with very little rain. Your flower photos are stunning. Love your early morning photos, as I grow older the quiet of early mornings is one of my favorite times. Congratulations on making 2023 Boston! Stay safe and journey on!


    1. I know you have had other matters. Thanks for your interest. Yes, lucky with the rain as have only had one dripping wet day. Will continue with bloom pictures. They seem to be a favorite. ~linda


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