Rest Day- Oct. 1, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 18 / Porto
  • Distance: 0 miles / Total 244.1 miles
  • Time: N/A
  • Ascent: N/A Decent: N/A
  • Weather: 55- 65 degrees, sunny

First Rest Day. Roaming Porto.

Walking Tour in Porto.
Walking Tour in Porto.

View from River taxi. Port barrel boats of old.

6 thoughts on “Rest Day- Oct. 1, 2022”

  1. Enjoy a very well deserved rest day and cooler weather. 


    div>All our best to you, Tom

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    1. Well done Chuck. You’re mastering technology. It was a rest day in a city swarmed with tourists. I felt like a salmon swimming upstream to spawning. I’m glad to see the tourist industry bouncing back. ~linda


  2. Beautiful photos, love your ‘eye’😊. Glad to hear you take zero-days – specially in such beautiful places.


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