Real Estate – Oct. 4, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 21 / Apúlia to Chafé
  • Distance: 15.8 miles / Total 293 miles
  • Time: 8 hours Ascent: 940’ Decent: 887’
  • Weather: 58-71 degrees, clear & sunny

Today’s real estate picks.

Love the splash of red.
Pepto-Bismo pink.
Fashionable black.

8 thoughts on “Real Estate – Oct. 4, 2022”

  1. So impressive your mileage Linda. The black house is stylish but looks shuttered and unoccupied!


    1. I’m so glad you noticed. All houses have the same appearance. Metal shades down to keep the sun out. They look as if they are battened down for a hurricane. Secret for the mileage…one day at a time and rest when feet start aching. When do you fly to Chicago marathon-man? ~linda


    1. Thanks Arnold. I donated the umbrella my fifth night. Wasn’t able to send some things home. Twice Portugués post office spent hours doing the paperwork than it couldn’t complete the process. Looked online. It appears you have to fill out the form to mail to USA on line and take the QR code to post office. As the the forms are in Portugués, it’s a catch 22 situation. Are you planning to do the Portugués Camino? ~kinda


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