Mesmerizing – May 18, 2023

  • Møn: Day 7
  • Distance: 12 miles / Total 92.5 miles / 20 km
  • Time: 7 hours
  • Ascent: ???’ Decent: ???’ Weather: 51
  • degrees 4 mph blue sky with white clouds

This charming pond has miniature floating homes. Anchored to the bottom, the homes slowly revolve with each gentle breeze. Mesmerizing.

One revolution. I could watch this for hours.
Just wait and a breeze will spin the home.

6 thoughts on “Mesmerizing – May 18, 2023”

  1. Looks beautiful. Wish I was on a long walk. Dealing w/ a no good well and a rotting dock. Should have both fixed in time for you to visit! Location is fabulous.


  2. So beautiful my Linda you were right a thousand times to take this path The landscapes the houses are magnificent and your friend very charming


    1. My Danish friend remembers you as the French lady I made in Shikoku. This Danish friend I met the first day of the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. I’m so glad you see the beauty of Mon. ❤️ ~linda


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