Reflection ~ Day 22 ~ April 28, 2014

Day 22, April 28
14 miles, 260 miles total
Altitude: 725 feet
Weather: rainy, cloudy, partial sun 38-58F

In Le Puy, the priest asked that we accept a prayer request card. In each church along the Chemin, I wish Arthur and Ava strength to live and peace.

All churches or public squares have a memorial for WWI or WWII soldiers. I am constantly reminded much blood was shed in this beautiful nation.




If ~ Day 21 ~ April 21, 2014

Day 21, April 27
13 miles, 2438 miles total
Altitude: 400 feet
Weather: sunny and stormy 34-60F
Au Revoir Joanna

If today’s weather were a person, it would be a two year old.
If today’s weather was a Shakespeare play, it would be Hamlet,
If today’s weather was I symphony, it would be Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.
If today’s weather was an actress, it would be a diva.
If today’s weather was an entree, it would be Shrimp Diablo.

It truly was an accelerating day. Muddy clothes are clean and drying on the clothes line.





Pilgrim a’la Shihuahua ~ Day 20 ~ April 26, 2014

Day 20, April 26
15 miles, 225 miles total
Altitude: 400 feet
Weather: partly cloudy & light rain 34-60F
Au Revoir Joanna

This I how it works. A driver takes the older white


by car while the 4 month


rides in a kangaroo waist pouch being carried on the Camino. They are going to Santiago with the charming red head from Bordeaux and her Spanish friend.




Sincerely ~ Day 20 ~ April 26, 2014

Day 20, April 26
15 miles, 225 miles total
Altitude: 400 feet
Weather: partly cloudy & light rain 34-60F
Joanna, from London joins me

Straight as an arrow could well described the rocky ancient Roman roads we traveled today. After five hours of straight road, dreary could also be said. What perfect setting for a pilgrim’s welcoming station, Foot Rest. We felt as though the volunteer had been waiting all day long for Joanna and I to arrive. He brightened up just like a hungry puppy greeting its mother.


sometimes has a flat quality. This volunteer’s


could not have been more sincere or more appreciated.




Ring around the Posies ~ Day 19 ~ April 25, 2014

Day 19, April 25
11 miles, 210 miles total
Altitude: 300 METERS
Weather: partly cloudy & light rain 50-60F
Joanna, from London joins me

Within the Monastere des Filles de Jesus cloisters, nuns joined hands forming a circle around a newly planted flower bed and began to sweetly sing in French. They stood in innocence and faith typical of children. Juxtapose these 19th century buildings stood a nun trying to capture the Sister’s photograph at this sweet moment with a digital camera.

These retiring nun radiate with smiles felt from the heart.

Christine said, “The smile is the universal language on the Camino.”




Guess Whose Coming to Dinner ~ Day 18 ~ April 24, 2014

Day 18, April 24
12 miles, 199 miles total
Altitude: 984 feet
Weather: partly cloudy 55-70F
Joanna, from London joins me

Gite owners who provide half-pension ask themselves this question every day. The thought of having more than a day’s food stocked in the refrigerator is unquestionable to the French; yet, they need to be able to provide dinner and breakfast for complete occupancy at gites. Tonight’s cassoulet dinner was magnifique !

Still looking for Gite that served escargot.