Culture and Dinner ~ July 14, 2016

  • Thursday, July 14, 2016
  • Day 75
  • London
  • Weather: Blue sky with clouds, overcast

David Hockney 82 Portraits and 1 Still-life Exhibit at The Royal Academy of Art

Prime William and Prince Harry at The National Portrait Gallery

Dinner with James whom I met on the Coast-to-Coast Walk 12-years ago. James was my bandit runner at the 2010 Boston Marathon crossing the finish line with me.

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Urban Planning, A World Heritage Site ~ March 31, 2014

Urban Planning, A World Heritage Site

Sir Titus Salt, a leading industrialist in the Yorkshire, got it right with his 19th century urban planning for his textile factory and employee housing. The photograph shows an example of his neat stone houses for workers. He included wash houses with tap water, bath houses, hospital, school, library, recreation facility, gymnasium, concert hall, billiard room and scientific lavatory. Is there any wonder why UNESCO selected “Saltiare” as a Wold Heritage Site?

Today Saltiare has become a fashionable living distract. The textile mill turned into a huge live arts center featuring Yorkshire ‘s David Hockney amazing art, restaurants, shops, and historic displays. It was keen seeing how an old industrial building could be revitalized into attractive and financially profitable space; thus, spearheading residential development of restoring and preserving old neighborhoods.