Accordion ~ Day 4 ~ April 10, 2014

Day 4, April 10
9 miles, 19 miles total
Altitude: 4,134 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

Sitting outside at my second gite I hear an accordion in the distance; hence, I must still be in France. The gite sits at the bottom of a gorge from which I spent hours descending. Perched on the rim of the gorge sits a tiny 13th century chapel , Chapelle Saint Jaques,Rochgude,, dedicated to St James. Though no larger them my dining room, the humble chapel with stain glass window of a pilgrim was well worth the climb.





8 thoughts on “Accordion ~ Day 4 ~ April 10, 2014”

  1. You are the true pilgrim now. Fabulous weather, gourmet food and chocolate cows. It is Linda in Wonderland. What a treat to be able to share your travels. Always looking forward to the next installment!


    1. The age of things amaze me the most. Passing buildings dated in the 1600’s is an everyday occurrence. Wish you were here to share a bottle of wine. Linda


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