Which Way? ~ Day 4 ~ April 11, 2014

Day 4, April 10
9 miles, 19 miles total
Altitude: 1,969 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

So, how does one cross 500 miles of rural France without a GPS or the language? No bread crumbs to follow here; rather, follow the red and white stripes found on trees, pipes, rocks, houses…well just about anything that doesn’t move. Parallel lines mean to continue straight while lines forming an “X” means deviates, do not go. White lines at a “right” right angle mean take the next right; where as, white lines at a “left” right angle mean take a left. Every time a turn is presented all other option are marked with a red and white “X.” When I come to a junction I find myself saying, “This, not that.”

Have I gotten off course? Yes. Yelling does not help. Back-track and all you need to know is there.

Camino magic. Today I passed trail markers, the Hansel and Gretel of the Camino.





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