Dong-Dong ~ Day 9 ~ April 15, 2014

Day 9, April 15
0 miles, 74 miles total, REST DAY #1
Altitude: 3,818 feet
Weather: warm and sunny 35-56F

Most church bells ring ding-dong before striking the hour. In this region of France the clocks strike the hour, pause, and strike the hour once more.




7 thoughts on “Dong-Dong ~ Day 9 ~ April 15, 2014”

  1. Hi Linda,
    Looks like it’s going well for you! Can you make the photos any bigger? They are a little hard to view. Merci!


  2. Thanks for the feedback. Heard the same comment this morning via Viber. Prior to today the photographs have been sent “small.” Today’s bell photo was the first one sent “medium.” Tomorrow I will try “large.” Lete know what you think. Appreciate the suggestion. Linda


  3. Hi Linda! Spent some time this morning catching up on your blog and am glad you’re enjoying the journey. What an experience you are having!


  4. A dear friend of mine always said that no experience is complete until its been shared. You’re having a very complete journey. I’m just now catching up on the blog. Very interesting and so impressive what you are doing. Phyllis


    1. Your trip boat/bike trip to Holland was wonderful based on the wonderful emails sent. Blogging was a wonderful way to reflect and summerize each day or the days become a homogenous blend of memories.
      Spending final days with a friend of fourty years who lives in Tuscany. Linda


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