Spinning Connections ~ Day 9 ~ April 15, 2014

Day 9, April 15
0 miles, 74 miles total, REST DAY #1
Altitude: 3,818 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

Like the threads of a spider’s web, people on the Camino are connected. I met French Christine and Mimi on Day 3. After walking together, I pulled ahead at a quicker pace. Ten minutes later, I missed a turn and became frightened. I actually yelled, “Mimi” in hopes of being heard. Alas, I backtracked and with great relief found them. For the rest of the day I would walk ahead only as far as I could keep them in eye sight. Christine and Mimi became my security blankets allowing me to become more confident. A thread in the web.

Having arrived at Nasbinals I sat outside a cafe with an expresso when along comes a Frenchman who asks if I was the American lady walking the Camino. The French women had spoke of me. A thread in the web.

Kismet! The French ladies arrive with Christine distressed from a backpack with a broken back brace and blisters on her feet. I help administer to her blisters and offer a temporary repair to her backpack. Most of all, I offer her friendship. We will meet in three more days. A threat in the web.

They say the Camino provides…the web grows.







3 thoughts on “Spinning Connections ~ Day 9 ~ April 15, 2014”

  1. I am enjoying this so much and best part is no blisters!! I think this is a wonderful experience for you. I have read about the Pilgrimage, looked at lots of Google maps so I am there in spirit!!
    I share your news every night with Bob and he send his hug as well. deuce looks up from his couch to say hello to you too.
    sunday the girls will be here and a lovely family we know with a new baby. We are grilling Easter dinner. He is here from Michigan working at OceanPrime. Trying to play professional golf. Will you stop to watch the Boston Marathon?


  2. What a great story!!! Mary and I are following your every step and I think I have blisters as well!!!! PYSCHOSOMATIC WHATEVER!!
    Keep the blogs coming.


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