Coffee, Tea, or Me ~ Day 11 ~ April 17, 2014

Day 11, April 17
14 miles, 103 miles total
Altitude: 1,263 feet
Weather: warm and sunny 45-62F
Saint-Come d’Olt

The community oven in l’Estrade has been turned into hospitality shelter offering coffee, tea, or orange juice for pilgrims. Our coffee was interrupted by two farmers driving cows down the hamlet lane.

The Camino provides. The web of connections expands. Having gotten rid of my “heavy” coins, “Pilgrim Corsica” donated a euro for me. Having muscle pain, I pulled out a couple of Advil from my pack and handed them to him. In turn, “Pilgrim Corsica” having met a pilgrim with knee issues shares one Advil with him.




5 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea, or Me ~ Day 11 ~ April 17, 2014”

  1. Linda,

    You look so happy. Glad you have caught up with other pilgrims!! [cid:DDD70454-B746-497F-B7CE-E9D1B1281826@lan]


  2. Tesa will be here today to help me upload Deuce photo.
    I guess you have rested today.
    Overcast here, but still nice. is your trail now mostly through towns or still a mix? How far to Spain?


    1. Real mix of trails in forest, on ridges, tar roads, minor roads, hamlets, villages, open fields. 500 miles in France and 500 miles in Spain. Looking forward to Deuce’s photo. Hey to the girls. Linda


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