Kisses ~ Day 13 ~ April 19, 2014

Day 13, April 19
13 miles, 137 miles total
Altitude: 918 feet
Weather: warm and overcast 32-62F
Joanna arrives!

Leaving Golinhac I met the most irresistible Canadian Landees dog, Titi, on his way to the river for a swim.  His owner explained Titi was the most known  and best  loved in the village. Titi kissed me au revoir.

Joanna, from London, and I arrived at Conques within minutes of each other. We are staying at Accueil Abbaye Sainte-Foy which hosts pilgrims at the abbey. Our co-ed room has eight sets of bunk beds all full. As we got in late, all the bottom bunks were full.  The top bunk has the  vertue of no one at eye level.  The bathroom is semi-coed with mixed use for showers and sinks; yet, separate toilets. People respect everyone’s privacy and are very civil in tight quarters. With 60 attending dinner, a third were welcomed familiar pilgrims I have met these past days. We attended evening high mass during this most Holy Week.





4 thoughts on “Kisses ~ Day 13 ~ April 19, 2014”

  1. Of course, the story of and your photo with the irresistible Titi are my favorites! I have no doubt he is a village celebrity.


  2. Bonjour, les propriétaires de titi ont vu la photo, très réussie, mais il n’est pas norvégien … titi est un Landseer et ses origines sont canadiennes.
    Bonne fin de chemin et gardez de bons souvenirs de votre passage en France !!!


    1. Merci beaucpuc. Many people liked Titi’s photograph best. I will make the correction and add another Titi picture showing complete joy! Linda


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