Rawhide ~ Day 16 ~ April 22, 2014

Day 16, April 22
15.5 miles, 168 miles total
Altitude: 196 meters
Weather: cloudy, sprinkles 40-50F
Joanna, from London joins me

Head’em up. Move’em out. Rawhide. (from 1960’s Clint Eastwood western TV show)

I helped move a flock of sheep into a meadow.

The real fun was helping to move a herd of cows. Just as I surmised from the past two weeks of close encounters with cows, they are quite interested and comfortable with people. In helping move a herd across the road, I found myself penned between the fence dozens of huge cows staring straight into my eyes within a hand ‘a touch. I simply edged along the fence toward the barn and they moved into the barn as pretty as you please. The farmer remarked at how calm my presence was around cows. He and the cows could tell.




4 thoughts on “Rawhide ~ Day 16 ~ April 22, 2014”

  1. Thanks to Karen finally read all. Great pictures and script. House “Contract Pending”. You go girl


    1. Great news about the house. No surprise as it is a gem. Glad you have sorted out the blog. I have great enjoyment doing it and responding to comments. It’s like having your friends along.


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