Easy is Hard ~ Day 23 ~ April 29, 2014

Day 23, April 29
15 miles, 267 miles total
Altitude: 76 meters
Weather: rainy, cloudy, partly sunny 38-58F

What could be easier than to walk beside a canal for 10 miles? So I thought. I am told to stay on the west side of the canal as it is a pebble track while the east side is dirt AKA mud. However, the Chemin directs you back and forth from the west to the east side of the canal to access hamlets for your daily quota of expresso thus support the local economy. A bridge is under construction so the locals communicate to me to cross the canal at an earlier interval. The outcome is I miss the turn from the canal walking extra miles. Another caveat is the turn off is at mile 6 and not mile 10 as told. Many pilgrims told the same unfortunate tale this night. Misery does not enjoy company. Moral of the tale is to stick to the guide.

None the less, isn’t it beautiful?




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