Dessert a’la De Jour ~ Day 27 ~ May 3, 2014

Day 27, May 3
10 miles, 329 miles total
Altitude: 478 meters
Weather: cloudy, partly sunny 38-58F

Dessert a’la De Jour is Mud Tart. Though no rain, the dirt paths are beyond saturation. I have learned what I thought were detour signs were in fact detour signs. As I don’t read French I continue on the marked Chemin slipping and sliding. Mud leaves many footprints for me to follow.

This mud is like a desperate lover clinging to the soles and sides of my boots and I become the former lover trying to extradite myself.

This mud on my boots is like a snow shovel with caked ice that defies gravity and refuses to release. As the snow shovel feels as light a spade once the ice is removed, my boots feel as light as slippers once the mud is forced off.


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