Nobody’s Home ~ Day 27 ~ May 3, 2014

Day 27, May 3
10 miles, 316 miles total
Altitude: 478 meters
Weather: cloudy, partly sunny 38-58F

Nobody’s home except me. The gentleman who confirmed my reservation last night learned no one would be at the Gite upon my arrival; however, the door has a pass code for entrance. As you can tell by the photos, this place is gem. With a bit of snooping, I found the refrigerator stocked with wine and soda, a box of Darjeeling tea, an outdoor sink for cleaning boots, and clothes line for my now mud-free clothes. After weeks of people, I savor my own company and reflection.

Hours later I am joined by a man from Switzerland pulling a two-wheel cart. I have become the welcome wagon. He shares his vegetarian dinner with me. Camino magic.






5 thoughts on “Nobody’s Home ~ Day 27 ~ May 3, 2014”

    1. Boots look extremely worn and dry. Can’t find any bee’s wax to treat them. No more blisters. My feet are shamfully perfect compared to others. Linda


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