What a Difference ~ Day 28 ~ May 4, 2014

Day 28, May 4
11 miles, 327 miles total
Altitude: 135 meters
Weather: sunny with partial clouds 38-64F

What a difference a day without rain makes. Though the rain had been light, the ground was saturated. A few days ago I discovered the joys a clothes drier could bring. Today no clinging cloying mud and dry cloths off the line.

Morning break was by an old castle, Larresingle, with surrounding walls in tack. I still catch my breath seeing such antiquities.




4 thoughts on “What a Difference ~ Day 28 ~ May 4, 2014”

    1. I am truly struck by the beauty of the land and the spirit of the people. I keep thinking what a great experience this would be for your daughter when she is older. Not the whole 1,000 miles, but, rather to take a portion and practice a second language first hand. Piggy travels well and always reminds me of you and my friends at home. He keeps me grinning. How running goes well. Linda


    1. I feel the difference in the weight of my boots and the ease of staying upright. Can’t get over how quickly the ground absorbed the water. Linda


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