Landscape ~ Day 36 ~ May 12, 2014

Day 36, May 12
13 miles, 440 miles total
Altitude: unlisted
Weather: clear, overcast 58-72F

For the tractor driver, I become his landscape. For countless generations, his family has seen pilgrims travers his farm.

For me, he makes the landscape with his tractor. What must he think of me with endless hours to walk and of himself with endless hours to work?




5 thoughts on “Landscape ~ Day 36 ~ May 12, 2014”

  1. Farmers are the same the world over…thank the Lord for their dedication to the land…and your dedication to the Camino!!
    Keep it up, Linda looking strong!!


  2. Maybe our current society needs the Camino, Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest simply because we are no longer farmers and do not commune with nature. We have really enjoyed your blogs and pictures of the quest. Keep on hiking and know we are enjoying your trip from afar.


  3. Hi Linda, thinking of you on the camino. what an experience it must be! Keep it up. Elisabeth d M


    1. Thanks for all the help you provided in preparing for the pilgrimage. Your French was a tremendous help. I loved all our walks together and riding on the red convertable top down. Linda


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