Palm Trees to Pyrenees ~ Day 35 ~ May 11, 2014

Day 35, May 11
13 miles, 427 miles total
Altitude: unlisted
Weather: cloudy, overcast 58-70K

Palm trees to Pyrenees Mountains all in one glance. Alas, there isn’t enough contrast in the Pyrenees and horizon to do justice to either in a photograph.





4 thoughts on “Palm Trees to Pyrenees ~ Day 35 ~ May 11, 2014”

  1. Of course, it took me all this while to figure out the simple tapping into your blog rather than waiting for it to appear on my email. Most relieved to see all your entries and to follow the weather from slightly above freezing to spring like. Absolutely love the pictures, the appearance of spring, and imagining your footsteps each dayi. Just super, Linda, Very happy for you. Grett


    1. Glad you got it sorted out and am enjoying it. Somehow you cN have the web site alert you whenever a blog is written. I try to write daily with short specific entries and supporting pictures. Linda


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