Harder Than It Sounds ~ Day 37 ~ May 13, 2014

Day 37, May 13
0 miles, 440 miles total REST DAY #3
Altitude: unlisted
Weather: clear, overcast 58-72F

Taking a rest day is harder than it sounds. Walking has become natural. As I am sporting healing blisters, a day out of my boot and off the road is wise.




6 thoughts on “Harder Than It Sounds ~ Day 37 ~ May 13, 2014”

    1. Rest days are harder to have fun. Everyone leaves the Gite while I sip hot chocolate. It’s hard not being on the go. While on the go, I always see or experience the amazing. Fun? Yes. Linda


  1. When we are motorcycle touring we always call these rest days “laundry days.” We use the day to do laundry, notes to friends, a little sight seeing, book keeping, planning out the next few days. They are very necessary for both mental and physical health. Pace yourself and give those feet a little tender rest. You will soon be back on the road!


  2. Your running coach loves that you’re having such a good time walking that it’s “hard to take a rest”! Glad it’s going well. We love your beautiful photos! We miss you!
    Mark (and Cynthia)


    1. Daily your words of advice are heard. Plan, execute plan, listen to your body, go slow up hill, perception of effort, hydrate, eat well, etc. great hearing from you. I read your weekly letters. Linda


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