High Ground ~ Day 38 ~ May 14, 2014

Day 38, May 14
17 miles, 457 miles
Altitude: 407 feet
Weather: blue sky with clouds 60-75F

Walking high grounds isn’t one major ascent. It’s continuously ascending and descending for spectacular views.






6 thoughts on “High Ground ~ Day 38 ~ May 14, 2014”

  1. If your photos were paintings, you would not think them realistic, but enhanced by the artist. Spectacular! Judy


    1. Mrs Bean, wish you were here to see them. You could have carried my bag a bit. Alas pilgrim carry all like snail with shell on back; however, my pack looks like a golden walrus on my back. MB


  2. I was going to make the same comment as Judy. If these were paintings, they’d be too perfect to seem real.


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