Caterpillars Do It ~ Day 43 ~ May 19, 2014

Day 43, May 19
14 miles, 514 miles
Altitude: 1,555 feet (daily high 1,624)
Weather: blue sky with clouds 55-85F

Caterpillars do it.
Pilgrims do it.
Move in one straight line.
One behind the other.
All the wrong way.

A dozen of us having the greatest conversation missed a turn and had to retrace our steps.
Call us Pilgrims?
Call us Lemmings?





6 thoughts on “Caterpillars Do It ~ Day 43 ~ May 19, 2014”

  1. Perceptive eye and brilliant presentation! To be surrounded by such beauty, and to notice such crazy beauty, literally at your feet.


    1. Also so my second deer since leaving home. It shot out 15 feet in front of me and another person in conversation. The deer jumped out of the downhill thicket, scrambles across the packed dirt path with hooves slipping and sliding trying to make traction, then jumped into the up hill thicket. Cool. Linda


  2. And kudos to the caterpillars for reminding us that we’re much more impressive if we can all get along, regardless of who we are “doing.” 🙂


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