12 thoughts on “Words ~ Day 65”

  1. Hi Linda – we’re back home (for now). Delightful to have met you and good to see you’re making good progress. Turning 40 in a great town like Leon was a great way to end this stage of our camino – we’ll be back in January to do a short hop to Astorgas in the snow. Take care and happy walking x


  2. Hello Linda, it’s Bernard… we walked together on the first day at the start of Le Puy en Velay. I arrived in Santiago Wednesday, June 4 and now I’m at home in Paris (Versailles) I wish you a nice next steps to Santiago…


    1. Oh Bernard, I am thrilled to hear from you. Walking with me the first day was such a gift. You put me at ease navigating while the talk and silence were perfect. Do tell me you lightened your backpack. My I use a photo of you on one of my blogs? Well done. Congratulate on walking The Way. Best regards, linda


      1. Hola Linda, Yes of course you can use the pictures. More than a few days before Santiago, enjoy it fully.


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