Swiss Chateau – Day 72 ~ June 17, 2014

Day 72, June 17
6 miles, 873 miles
Altitude: 2 feet (3,051 feet daily high) 1300 meters climbing 800 meters in 6 miles
Weather: sunny 45-85F
O Cebreiro

I had my earliest start at 6:00 AM with faint light. The weather was crisp and clear. I started out in a wool cap, windbreaker, gloves, nylon mittens, and shorts. The walk was a 4 km warm-up, 4 km gain in altitude, break for Cafe con Leche, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a huge piece of pound cake for 4€, than the final 4km steep climb to the top. Breaks were easy as there were so many breathing views. I got to the top in my infamous white shirt well before the Spanish sun got intense and joined the cue for the Municipal Albergue charging 6€ for a dorm bed. A splendid day. O Cebreiro has the charm and setting of a Swiss alpine village.

Backpacks form a waiting line until the Albergue opens for pilgrims.




5 thoughts on “Swiss Chateau – Day 72 ~ June 17, 2014”

    1. Just like summer camp except I’m older and it’s been two seasons. A little rough around the edges; but, you wouldn’t trade a day for something else. Linda


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