Carrying A Mountain ~ Day 72 ~ June 17, 2014

Day 72, June 17
6 miles, 873 miles
Altitude: 2 feet (3,051 feet daily high) 1300 meters climbing 800 meters in 6 miles
Weather: sunny 45-85F
O Cebreiro

People have been carrying this mountain on their backs before they ever got here. O Cebreiro is the dreaded twosome…the steepest and the highest mountain on the Camino. When you begin reading about the Camino, O Cebreiro became the protagonist.

As with most things in life, worrying is far more difficult than dealing with the issue. Most of the pilgrims have already walked hundreds of miles with backpacks which get lighter by the week. (Yes, I am still tossing things from my pack.) The solution to a steep and high mountain is to go slow. As Coach Mark says, “Perception of effort.” If you feel exertion, slow down. Take a break.







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