Thanks ~ Day 85 ~ June 30, 2014

Day 85, June 30
6 miles, 1,060 miles
Altitude: ? feet (? feet daily high)
Weather: overcast 65-70F

Special thanks to those who graced my Camino.

Tech Support…Mark, Jay, Mike
Blog…Mark, Mike, Pam
Blog Readers…27,900 hits in 17 countries (June 30, 2014)
Final 48 Hour…Kenny, Tom
Home Front…Karen, Greg, the Hood
Business…Pam, Gerry
Shared The Dream…Jo, Don, St. James Confraturnity
The Way Arrow…Mariët
London…JoAnna, Erl
Yorkshire…Leslie, James, Rick
Paris…Sarah, Frederick
Florence…Vieri, Rebecca
Camino Heartstrings…Clare, Ava, Arthur, Hartman, Daniel, Christina, Mimi, JoAnna, Martin, Danilo, Di, Dave, Father Javier,
Father Pius, Iwan, Christian, Bertrand, Wolfgang. Mariët

(Piggy was a travel gift requiring no space or weight; yet, it was a constant reminder of friends and home. It never ceased to produce a smile.)




9 thoughts on “Thanks ~ Day 85 ~ June 30, 2014”

    1. To dear sister-in-law,
      Thank you for your support and interest. Special thanks for your editorial skills. You made my writing job easier. I so appreciated this way of sharing a personal experiences with you.
      Your sister-in-law


  1. Amazing adventure! Thank you for taking me along with you via your blog on your journey… Much love to you my dear sister-in-law!


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