Why I Walk ~ May 6, 2016

  • Friday, May 6, 2016
  • Day 6 (Day 3 Camino)
  • Vendargues (Baillargues)
  • Distance: 15 1/2 miles (35% tarmac) / 49 total miles
  • Ascent 753 feet and descent 703 feet
  • Time: 5 3/4 hours
  • Weather: 50 – 72 degrees, winds 16 mph, blue sky with clouds

Why I walk…

Today is my third day walking with two Frenchmen. Navigating is so much easier with three sets of eyes. The few brief times we were SLIGHTLY off course or not 100% confident we were on the Camino, there was comfort knowing we were together.

Sergio speaks English and is never hesitate to flag down a passing driver to ask for directions. Once when asking directions, the driver actually drove him from our resting spot, to our night’s accommodation (a bungalow), and back to our resting spot.  I find help all along The Way.

  1. Towards Vendargues – On the Camino
  2. Vendargues – On the Camino
  3. Vendargues – Dry Stone Shelter, chemin des Capitelles

5 thoughts on “Why I Walk ~ May 6, 2016”

    1. Thanks Pam. The dress photo I sent you was from a shop in Arles featuring original period clothing for purchase. Such details. linda


      1. Beautiful dress! Amazingly that something like this is available for purchase! Have a great day today on your travels! I will be following your blog. Pam


  1. What great pictures…stone shelter reminds me of the stone shelter on the Coast to Coast…
    weather looks great…cold and rainy in Colorado..snow in the mountains!!!
    Be safe..


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