Ridge View ~ June 16, 2016

  • Thursday, June 16, 2017
  • Day 47 (Day 2 Camino Norte)
  • San Sebastián
  • Distance: 13 1/2 miles (50% tarmac) 18 1/2 total miles
  • Ascent 3,086 feet and descent 3,157 feet
  • Time: 1 0 hours
  • Weather: 60-72 degrees, overcast, drizzle

Once completing the arduous climb, we walked along the ridge of the mountains with the sea to our right with valleys and mountains to the distant left.

  1. Towards San Sebastián
  2. Towards San Sebastián
  3. Towards San Sebastián

3 thoughts on “Ridge View ~ June 16, 2016”

  1. I have been really enjoying your blog. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful places as you travel and write about them.


    1. It has been a lovely staying in contact with my college roommate.

      I always have an eye open to fashion with you in mind; but, alas none to be had on the Camino. Linda


      1. Thanks Linda. It has been greet to be in touch with you too. I am glad you are enjoying your travels. What an amazing experience! Have a wonderful day!


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