End of the Day ~ May 14, 2018

• Monday, May 14, 2018, Day #4

• Gernika

• Distance 12.3 miles; total 60.6 miles

• 1,452’ ascent and 2,502’ descent; 30% hard surface

• Time: 7 hours 15 minutes

• Weather: 55 degrees; partly cloudy

End of the day,

Not much space,

And yet an abundance

Of good companionship.

1st Ibiri Auzoa

2nd Ibiri Auzoa

3rd Monasterio de Zenarruza

2 thoughts on “End of the Day ~ May 14, 2018”

    1. A nice number of people. Morning starts with seeing a couple of dozen pilgrims. An hour later we are all strung out at our own pace. You pass or join familiar faces taking coffee outside cafés. As I have taken a rest day in Bilbao, I’ll see a new set of people. ~Linda


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