Primary Source ~ May 15, 2018

• Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Day #5

• Bilbao

• Distance 21.2 miles; total 81.8 miles

• 3,053’ ascent and 3,009’ descent

• 40% hard surface

• Time: 9 hours 40 minutes

• Weather: 60 degrees; overcast

Check primary source…fiction may follow.

My guide book said Lezama Hostel, 12 miles away, was closed until June. Sergio‘s guide book said it opened in April. We believe what suited our needs best; so, we went with the assumption it would be open. I should have telephoned Lezama Hostel and have gotten the information directly from the source. They were closed. A pleasant 12 mile walk became an arduous 21 mile.

1st towards Bilbao

2nd towards Bilbao

3rd towards Bilbao

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