Black on White…. ~ May 25, 2018

• Friday, May 25, 2018, Day #15

• La Franca

• Distance 14 miles; total 215.5 miles

• 1,414’ ascent and 1,374’ descent

• 95% hard surface

• Time: 6 1/2 hours

• Weather: 55-65 overcast, misty rain

Black on white or white on black?

1st towards La Franca

2nd towards La Franca

3rd towards La Franca

2 thoughts on “Black on White…. ~ May 25, 2018”

    1. The cows are so enormous with long horns like pitch forks. Today I was routed over a stile into their grazing fields. They were actually standing on the Camino path or the path was their creation and we were trustpassing on their turf. I opted for the road the first opportunity. ~linda


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