• Thursday, March 14, 2019, Day 1
  • Temple(s): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
  • Tokushima / Nogaro
  • Weather: 40-55 degrees and blue skies with white clouds
  • 7.1 Miles

I’d like to believe the elderly man sitting along the lane offering unsolicited directions wasn’t just for me, an American, nor for the Dane, the Australian, four Chinese, and many Japanese who followed behind me. Albeit he spoke Japanese; the universal hand gestures seemed to indicate the way.

He peddled his bicycle to each juncture to make sure we turned correctly. The markings were so unnoticeable surely many would have missed the turns.

I’d like to believe he does this everyday.

  1. Paths through bamboo
  2. Flowering tree
  3. Accommodations offer guests customary kimonos to be worn after bathing.

11 thoughts on “Believe”

    1. Hello Pam. I’m blocking the trip with the exception of the three great in-flight flicks. Glad you approve of the kimono. I may start a new trend in C’ville. ~Linda


    1. I have learned the Japanese outfit given to me to wear at night at each accommodation is a robe called yukata which men and women wear inside and on the streets in the evening. Very comfortable and practical. ~Linda


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