• Friday, March 15, 2019, Day 2
  • Awa City
  • Weather: 45-55 degrees and blue skies with white clouds
  • 22 Miles / 19 Total Miles

During a temple visit, two ladies approached offered streaming hot tea from a vending machine. The power of random acts of kindness is common along Shikoku’s pilgrimage. Gifts are given with the same joy as received.

FYI: Roadside Japanese vending machine are revolutionary serving bottled drinks from hot tea and coffee to chilled beer and wine. As prevalent as telephone booths were in the 50’s and 60’s, vending machine are the rage.

  1. Temple #6
  2. Temple Origami
  3. Kobo Daishi who established Shikoku’s 88 Buddhist Temples 1,200 years ago

4 thoughts on “Gifting”

  1. Have you had the cold Macha tea yet? I remember all of those vending machines well. So lucky to be traveling with you in my mind and with my past memories of Japan.


    1. Hey Benji. I think about you and Bobby and your amazing trip to Japan as I walk. Bobby nailed the Toto toilets with ultra hygiene. I’ve had two vending machine drinks. Yummy. I’ll look for Macha tea. We should start an American franchise on hot beverage vending machines. ~Linda


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