Rock Face- April 4, 2019

  • Thursday, April 4, 2019, Day 22
  • Temples: #44 and #45
  • Kuma-kōgen, Japan
  • Weather: 35-55 COLD MORNING Blue skies
  • Miles 17.1 (walk, train and bus) / Total Miles 400.1

Temple #45 sits tucked high in the rock face of a mountain. It reminded me of the Anasi Clift dwellings at Mesa Verde, Colorado.

Single people always attract the interest of others. I love when others join me for dinner and conversation. Our stories weave together to make a tapestry. Don’t you love our matching Japanese yukata, house robe, and tanzen, short jacket.

  1. Temple #45
  2. Temple #45
  3. Dinner

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