0ne Down, Two to Go – April 9, 2019

  • Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Day 27
  • Temples: #60, #63, and #64
  • Saijō City, Japan
  • Weather: 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Miles 14.1 miles / Total Miles 501.1

Altering the sequence of temples allowed an early morning start with fresh legs for the first of the last three tallest mountains. As the mountain trail is remote, I arranged to walk with one of the guests at last night’s accommodation. Sharing skills, Akita H. and I had a safe and enjoyable walk ascending 3,000 feet. One down, two to go.

Why was I not surprised to meet Ishihara S. at the top? He’s been charging full steam ahead since Temple #40 as I hop trains. New friends and re-acquaintances are daily treasures.

  1. Akita H. and Linda
  2. Approach to Temple #60
  3. Temple #60

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