• Ottawa-Montréal Camino #4
  • Thurso to Plaidance
  • Distance: 9 miles / Total: 45.5
  • Time: 5 hours 45 minutes
  • Ascent: 294 feet / Descent: 279 feet
  • Weather: 75 degrees, sunny

The Chemin Des Outsouais had found accommodations which were located a day’s walking distance apart. These accommodations were described in broad strokes. Churches, community centers, and residents stepped up to the challenge. Tonight’s lodging was the basement of a home. Tiny feet pattered above our heads.

Heaven was any place we could finally drop our backpacks for the night.
Reflecting the day in journals or on devices. For us it was important to be together.
Unlike a snail, we don’t naturally transport our accommodations.

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