Work Harder – June 4, 2022

  • Ottawa-Montréal Camino #5
  • Plaidance to Montebello
  • Distance: 14.25 miles / Total: 59.75
  • Time: 6 hours 25 minutes
  • Ascent: 846 feet / Descent: 857 feet
  • Weather: 66 degrees, sunny with clouds

A day walking on the shoulder of the road required harder work to see the beauty of the day. The cinder shoulder provided softer footing but pepper-size pebbles found their way in your shoes. Shoes were repeatedly removed and shaken out.

Plaidance to Montebello 14.25 miles.
Arnold had sanded the handle of his genuine beaver-gnawed walking stick.
This home owner bragged no need for a lawn mower. The tethered horse’s job was to trim the grass. He dandily took apple cores from our hands.
Beauty found.

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