Earth Shook – June 11, 2022

  • Montréal – Day 1, Saturday
  • Weather: 68 degrees, occasional light rain

The closer you got, the more the earth shook. People packed together partied in the streets at Place des Arts for the week long gratis concert. Flicking cigarette lighters in appreciation was passé. Bright cell phone flashlights showed appreciation and gave the appearance of stars fallen to Earth.

Music Festival at Place des Arts.

Rapper Souldia performance at Place des Arts had the audience dancing in the street.
Multi stages, multi performers.
Stars on stage. Starlights from the audience’s cell phones.
Grizabella, The Glamour Cat from Cats. A budding virtuoso.

2 thoughts on “Earth Shook – June 11, 2022”

    1. Sometimes you’re too close to see the beauty for the daily grim. I just edited all the O-M Camino entries and realized how much fun and beauty. It’s like giving birth…you forget the pain. ~linda


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