Double-Step – June 12, 2022

  • Day 2, Sunday
  • Weather: 68 degrees, occasional light rain

Double time to do double museums. The McCord Museum was a gem. Indigenous peoples’ and Alexander Henderson’s photograph exhibits were absorbing. Montréal Museum of Fine Art also had a superlative Indigenous peoples collection. Whale vertebrates with rich texture were used as the medium for some carvings. By afternoon, I was overwhelmed by too much visual stimulation. Eyes that become satiated stop seeing.

McCord Museum of Canadian History
Inuit cup-and-ball game made from the scull of a hare. (Monticello has a similar toy carved from wood.)
Like the Indigenous pipe on display at Monticello, the stem is detached from the bowl of the pipe in keeping with sacred customs.
Photograph by Alexander Henderson,
Photograph by Alexander Henderson.
Montréal Museum of Fine Art
Nicholas Party’s Portrait with Snakes.

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