Moon Light – Sept. 17, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 04 / Azambuja to Santarém
  • Distance: 21.8 miles / Total 60.8 miles
  • Time: 11 hours 30 minutes
  • Ascent: ?’/ Decent: ?’
  • Weather: 90 degrees / sunny

Starting with the moon and Orion over head, we are able to walk a Herculean distance. Since Covid, there are fewer accommodations and those open are not always conveniently located.

Azambuja plaza.
Sunrise. Always so quick.
Morning crickets drown out the tap-tap of walk-in poles.

4 thoughts on “Moon Light – Sept. 17, 2022”

  1. Amazing FIERY sunrise! And yikes 😳 28.1 miles on a 90 degree day! You have found your stride. Happy trails & stay strong.


    1. Three speeds…before 11:00am cruising…after 11:00am conserving energy…after 1:00pm a snail’s pace in the harsh heat. I can only imagine what June, July and August felt like. ~linda


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