Night Thieves – Sept. 18, 2022

  • Distance: 16.7 miles / Total 77.2 miles
  • Portuguese Camino: Day 05 / Santarém to Azinhaga
  • Time: 8 hours Ascent: 434’/ Decent: 713’
  • Weather: 85 degrees / sunny

Like thieves in the night, we are on the way under moonlight to avoid afternoon sun. GPS Camino Apps take away 95% of the stress from finding the route. It’s like being Hansel and Gretel following a trail of cookie crumbs. It’s being prepared for the 5% when devises fail that counts.

We are not the only early bird pilgrims.
Moonlight gives way to sunlight.
Glow from street lights.
Captured by the sun.

6 thoughts on “Night Thieves – Sept. 18, 2022”

  1. Dear Linda,
    Love the cornfield and the beautiful night photos! The photo of you is exceptional!!
    One more long run before Chicago for me next Sunday!


    1. Christian took the picture of me that is quite good. We were walking and suddenly the light was perfect for photography. The moment was captured. One more long run for you! Sweet. Regards to the GB runners. ~linda


    1. Thanks for your support Bruno. Tell Danielle we had a “Buckingham” moment. Walking in the dark Christian exclaimed we were going in the wrong direction, south. Just like going to Buckingham, Canada. Sometimes you go in the wrong direction in order to get to the right direction. ~linda


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