Bark – Sept. 25, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 12 / Coimbra to Mealhada
  • Distance: 15.9 miles / Total 174.5 miles
  • Time: 9 hours Ascent: 834’ Decent: 777’
  • Weather: 55-75 degrees / sunny & breezy

Name that bark.

Valerie Andrioletti, photographer.
Eucalyptus bark identified by peeling.
Cork bark identified by removal.
Dog bark identified by loud sound.

10 thoughts on “Bark – Sept. 25, 2022”

  1. The way the eucalyptus bark peels reminds me of the way the bark on our many crape myrtles peels. Thanks for letting me “travel” with you! 😋


    1. Most dogs are behind fences. Some can jump half way over he fence. Very few dogs are on the street. Bark and bark but so far don’t pursue. Thanks for the advice. ~ linda


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