Bonds – Oct. 15, 2022

  • Portuguese Camino: Day 32 Padrón to Santiago
  • Distance: 15.9 miles / Total 439.7 miles / 707km
  • Time: 6 hours 30
  • Ascent: 1,630’ Decent: 796’
  • Weather: 60 degrees overcast, misting, light rain

We stand in the plaza before the towering Santiago de Compostelle Cathedral. We are giddy with the arrival. What we most want to do is hug one another, drop our backpacks, and take photos. It’s the same for all pilgrims. Our bonds will not be forgotten.

Land where they fall.
For weeks Carlos and I have been playing leap frog on the Camino. How is it on the last day we both meet within minutes of leaving different Albergues?
Carlos Cambra Esparza, Photograph credit.
Carlos and Linda.

13 thoughts on “Bonds – Oct. 15, 2022”

      1. Hope you survived your 9 hour early morning bus ride. We were lucky to have booked the train to Madrid back in April and it was a comfortable ride. I can’t imagine doing it on a bus. When do you fly home?


  1. You did it again,with smile,with joy and a little bit of cafe con leche!!!!Bravo Linda you’re amazing!!!Hope to see your next Camino bientôt!!!!


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