Spinning Connections ~ Day 9 ~ April 15, 2014

Day 9, April 15
0 miles, 74 miles total, REST DAY #1
Altitude: 3,818 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

Like the threads of a spider’s web, people on the Camino are connected. I met French Christine and Mimi on Day 3. After walking together, I pulled ahead at a quicker pace. Ten minutes later, I missed a turn and became frightened. I actually yelled, “Mimi” in hopes of being heard. Alas, I backtracked and with great relief found them. For the rest of the day I would walk ahead only as far as I could keep them in eye sight. Christine and Mimi became my security blankets allowing me to become more confident. A thread in the web.

Having arrived at Nasbinals I sat outside a cafe with an expresso when along comes a Frenchman who asks if I was the American lady walking the Camino. The French women had spoke of me. A thread in the web.

Kismet! The French ladies arrive with Christine distressed from a backpack with a broken back brace and blisters on her feet. I help administer to her blisters and offer a temporary repair to her backpack. Most of all, I offer her friendship. We will meet in three more days. A threat in the web.

They say the Camino provides…the web grows.







Blister vs Corn ~ Day 7 ~ April 13, 2014

Day 7, April 13, Palm Sunday
14 miles, 61 miles total
Altitude: 3,579 feet
Weather: warm and sunny 65F

Thanks to a google search, I have diagnosed the early signs of a corn. Compeed Corn Patch to the rescue. It’s a great reminder to apply a thin coat of Vasoline on the toes to reduce friction. A runner’s trick.



Jackpot ~ Day 7 ~ April 13, 2014

Day 7, April 13, Palm Sunday
14 miles, 61 miles total
Altitude: 3,579 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

My accommodation, Gite-bungalow Le Champ du Theron, is a real winner. Though able to accommodate four, I am the only guest. It’s outfitted much like a sailboat with cupboard, closets, built in couch with storage space under the cushions, and a microwave. It must be from my vast cooking experience I figured out the French labeled touch pad on the microwave.






In the Beginning ~ Day 3 ~ April 9, 2014

Day 3, April 9
10 miles, 10 miles total
Altitude: 3,698 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

In the beginning, a pilgrim (that’s me) began a thousand mile walk from the Romanesque Cathedral of Notre-Dame having been blessed by the bishop. By good fortune, I had met a Parisian ironman devotee who became my walking partner for the most critical day, the first day of walking. I was told by a fellow in Le Puy the path was well marked and maps not required. Day 3 confirms this; however, I’m not tossing my maps. A splendid day with much country landscape, villages, churches, clear blue skies, steady up-hill climbing, rustic gite (hostel), and not one wrong turn.






Bandit in Paris ~ April 6, 2014

50,000 Paris Marathon runners plus one bandit, me. To run a race without paying the entrance fee is to be a bandit. Racing or simply running a marathon on the eve of 1,000 walk would be to invite trouble; so, I ran the first 25km for the joy of experiencing Paris as centuries of heroes may have experience the Champs-Élysées with cheering crowds and the unique splendor only Paris can claim.


Versailles Garden ~ April 5, 2014

How would you get around a garden 608 acres or about a third the size of University of Virginia’s 1,683 acres? At Versailles Segways, auto-trains, golf carts, bicycles, and various boats are available for hire. As for me, I walked.

Gardens made of trees helps give concrete form to the scale. From a high perspective the symmetrical patterns created by the trees, some clipped into precise shapes and others let to grow in their natural forms, can be seen.